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What type of Algae is this?


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Not sure what type i have here... it seems to have bloomed lately (the tank has been up for 4 months)

lighting is 4 x 36 W fluros

Recently this algae stuff has multiplied to cover virtually all my plants, it can be picked off but never seem to be able to elimate it all. I do have a SAE but doesn't seem to do craP..

any advice, or suggestions as to wat kinda algae it is and how to solve it.

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It looks like you've got hair algae bloom in your tank. How much plants do you have? What type (ie. fast / slow growing? dntknw.gif ) And are you using any fertilizer? If yes, check out how much phosphate is contained in the fertilizer.

For further ID of algae and removal methods, please read this. wink2.gif


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