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BN sexing question


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I have several Bn at about 6-8cm, There are one or two that are males, but the others i am not sure of.

One of them has 2 bristles coming of the front and thats about it, they are not long curved ones like a male has, so would this be a female?? or a male that is just taking a long time to grow a beard confused.gif

At this size should the males be quite obvious??

and do the females get bristles?

I was having a look at the planet catfish site and the females appear to get a fair few bristles. dntknw.gif

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Its weird i have had many female bristlenose and not even one has had bristles confused.gif

The females usually grow 2 rows of bristles while males have a "Bush"

Hope that somehow helps blink.gif


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