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Planted tank


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Hey everyone.

Got a new camera the other night and thought i would have a play around. The camera is a Nikon coolpix SQ with 3.1 Megapixel so its not one of the best cameras.

This is my first planted tank since i started the hobby. so comments would be greatly appreciated thumb.gif.

user posted image

Its a 2ft standard tank with small resun HOB filter.The tank is Co2 injected not yet fertilized yet as am still searching for good products. Single globe reflector.


Amazon swords

Blue stricta (think thats the name)


Java moss

And that purple thing which i have no idea what it is called


1x Snake skin discus

1x Black ghost knife

1x royal whiptail catfish

3x red tailed black sharks

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i like the mix of colours thumb.gif

I reckon if you got rid of some of the larger leaf plants and put some with small leaves in it would make it look heaps better...and bigger.

What size tank is it btw?



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Some small foreground plants would give the tank some depth. Right now, with everything all one height etc. it looks 'there'. For that deep forest look try some bushy plants, create a thicket towards the back. You could even use some nice tall swords to further contrast the height.

Those purple plants are called 'violet' in the industry and I dont think they are true aquatics, meaning they will probably only last a few months before they need replacing. Especially seeing as your tank is not fertiliser and above all else, you're probably only giving the plants about 20watts.

Try swapping the blue pot for a terracotta pot, it would probably compliment the tank a little more. Also, hide the thermometer by placing it on the side of the tank instead of the front viewing panel.

Correct me if I am wrong, but either that drift wood has a long horizontal extension coming off towards the left of the tank, behind the plants, or there is completely separate piece of wood there right? Try moving that vertical piece of wood to the back right corner, then have the horizontal part shooting off to the left, but in front of the plants. You might try using the wood to terrace the gravel. It can act a bit like a shelf if you get what Im saying? Keep the stem plants behind the horizontal wood, and place small foreground plants in front of it.

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i agree on getting rid of the pot.

you might also want to add some vals at the back of the tank and some hair grass at the front. then, if you replaced the gravel with black one and get a tree stump in the middle, your tank would look perfect! woot.gif

i rekon some clown loach would look good in there. nice discus.

what co2 are you running?

if you add a saratoga or on arowana it would also look awsome.

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