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Synodontis eruptus


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Hi I am looking at getting some of these and just would like to know what are they like?

Are they suited for african cichlid environments?

Are they aggressive?

Will they cause trouble among other catfish in the tank?

Any suggestions/opinions would be great

thanks in advance

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They come from lake malawi so they suit africans fine..

I had them in my tank and they change patterns alot from when juvies to getting adult size, when their juvies there more white with black spots then they change to a black body with light white/yellow spots and patches.. They grow fast..


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They come from a wide spread area, White Nile, Chad Basin, Niger and Africa according to the planetcatfish e-log. Whilst it states on the e-log that the fish like around 7.5ph, i have mine in 8 ph and they are thriving. They are one of my favourite fish and i think they are quite compatible with mildly aggressive cichlids.


EDIT: Here is the link http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/mocho...odont/121_f.php

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I bought two of them as a test to see how they would go in a basic community tank environment.

Apart from the fact they grow quickly *which is awesome* they are the perfect tank mates and I haven't had any problems you wouldn't already associate with larger aquarium fish.

Try them - you won't regret it! thumbup.gif

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They are very nice fish thumb.gif

I had one which turned psycho (suicidal?) at about 12cm, which tried to push my trimac and plecos around, did this for a couple of weeks then got it's butt kicked big time when trimac got sick of it LOL.gif had to take it to LFS then, but that's not the norm AFAIK no.gif

But yeah, overall, great fish.

Being the stickler i am for spelling blush.gif , i have this terrible compulsion to point out that it's Synodontis eupterus, probably one of the most commonly misspelled scientific names around i reckon wink.gif

After saying that i read, re-read, and used the spell checker 3 times on this post LOL.gif


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