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White scum/algae - Pic added


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Hey all,

I am still cycling my tank and added some rift lake conditioner last night.

This evening when i got home i noticed a oily white film on the water surface.

After trying to net some which failed, I have angled the spray bar up to break the water surface.

What has me puzzled is that some of my rocks have this scum/algae on them which looks to be growing. I cant be sure as i have only really noticed it this evening.

Has anyone had similar issues when adding rift lake conditioner?

I will try to post pic when i can



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Well i'm even more puzzled. Over night the algae/fungus whattever it is has cleared. I chnaged the tube in my light to a higher intensity and it's all but gone.

As soon as I can get my optus net account to work i will upload a pic and show you what it looked like.

user posted image

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hey, yer i had similar stuff on the heaters when i started a few new tanks. must be the name tim. but i didnt add rift lake conditioner. but also it wasnt on the suface of my tank.

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