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Pseudotropheus saulosi and plants


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Hey all,

I'm cycling my new tank and wanted to know is anyone has added plants to their tanks with saulosi.

I dont want to go through the pain of having them rip the plants apart when i introduce them to their new home.

Currently cycling so it would give the plants a chance to get a foothold on the rocks in the tank if i add them now.

Any thought



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I keep mine with a heap of Java fern and they pretty much leave it alone (they do uproot it every now and then but don't eat it). Other plants like aniubus (spelling????) may be successful but I have not tried.



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If you're going to keep java fern, can I suggest using flourish and flourish iron in your tank at the very least? I know it is only a low light plant but some fertiliser can be the difference between crappy brown java fern and beautiful green java fern.

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