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Help with Bolivian Rams


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I'm new to this forum and was originally attracted because of the Tang shellie's. However i have ended up with a so called 'pair' of Bolivians. Now i put them in the tank a couple of days ago and they swam straight to the bottom and stayed there, fins flapping like crazy. They have moved around somehwat since, but they have lost all colour and the fins continue to flap, its like they are trying to fly or something. I dont know what is wrong, any suggestions? my tank specs are (the lfs run the whole test thingy for me):

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

pH 7.5

KH 20ppm

GH 100ppm

Temp about 26 celcius

Now i get onto the 'pair', i bought them from the shop and they were the only two of about 6 Rams that were swimming together. The pair have followed the same swimming pattern in my own tank but I'm not sure which is female or male, or whether i even have one of each because the colour is all gone and they rarely have their fins up. Is there any other way of telling male from female?

I've got a 2', 60litre tank which is filtered by an Eheim 60 internal cannister

Thanks for your help.

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I have experiences somewhat same things with my pair of rams (one now passed away) When they first bred i moved them across to another tank. The water conditions were the same as the current tank. It was furnished with lots of plants, rocks etc. They went very pale and stayed that way for weeks, they wouldnt swim, barely ate, just sat there. I ended up being too worried that i put them back in their old tank. Immediately they swam round, got their beautiful colours back, and were a pair again.

Im not sure what happened, and rams that ive bought and put in my tanks have been fine. Just those 2 when they were a pair. Being a pair is one thing we both have in commom, maybe they dont like being moved as a pair. I wish i could give you a reason or a solution, but i can agree with waht youve said.

Good luck


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Thanks for sharing, at least now i know they aren't sick just maybe a little stressed. I put in a bunch of java moss today, some attached to a rock and some floating. Ill be getting some java fern and some driftwood soon, hopefully they will settle down.

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