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Community tank for beginner


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Hey all,

Just wanted to know your ideas on what fish you have kept together in a community setup for someone new to these great fish.

I have a 4ft x 18 x 18 and was planning to get some Pseudotropheus saulosi or Cynotilapia afra (Cobue).

Then after some time add another genus of cichlid. What i'm not sure of is there a group of beginner fish that can be mixed together in a community tank.

I have check the compatibility of the fish, but i was hoping that someone has had some experience they can pass on to what worked and what was a nightmare and should be avoided.



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Ps.saulosi are a great fish, beginner or not, but I would not put them with another barred rock dwelling Cichlid...just my thoughts tho.

One of the G.acei(Ps.acei) varients are a great beginners fish that is not too aggressive, for an Mbuna, is a different size to the saulosi and has a solid body colour. Maingano seem to be, from all reports, a very nice fish and should be considered also...seeing as they are nice and calm and offer some great contrast to the female saulosi without lokking anything like the male(other than fundamental black/blue colouring).

Welcome to the addiction.


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