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<H1>Breeding mice</H1><DIV id=Qtextbox><P><STRONG>Author: Herpert</STRONG><BR><BR>how do i go about breeding mice? how big should the enclosure be? should i seperate the guys from the girls when i have enough? how do i tell if they are guy or gals? how ofter do they breed and how many each litter?whats the gestation period? any info would be helpful. thanx


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</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: Herpert</STRONG><BR><BR>thanx alot charlse

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how do u tell the gals from the guys?

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: Link 2 Hell</STRONG><BR><BR>Q. MOUSE SEXING


I am thinking about getting a couple of mice for pets how can you tell their sex?





Yes, you can tell sex? when young, males have a longer space between the anus and uterus/penis, and when older, the bulge of the testicles is clear (say, three to four weeks and older).




Rat and Mouse Club of American




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