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New Nannacara Species


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I know there was a bit of a discussion on the availability of Nannacara anomala earlier on in the year but I was unaware that at the end of last year a new Nannacara species was described. Nannacara quadrispinae is a new dwarf cichlid from Venezuela. Its latin name means four spines and refers to the number of anal fin spines it possesses.

The largest specimen has a standard length of 33.5 mm. Males with metallic green ground color. Head more yellowish, chest and belly greenish white, nape and dorsal region dark grey to brown. Scales of the body sides mostly with a dark dot at their base. Dorsal fin grey with a thin, red margin and a light blue submarginal stripe. Distal part of dorsal fin bluish, spinous portion with many minute brown dots. Anal fin blue with a black margin, sometimes with a dark brown horizontal band from distal margin of orbit to the middle of the caudal fin base. Females with beige, greyish or light brown ground color. Orange stripe below the dark horizontal band. All fins greyish to translucent. Spinous portion of dorsal fin without tiny brown dots, but often with two dark spots in its basal portion.

In the aquarium they have observed the males taking a territory and spawning with a number of females.

Wouldn't it be great to have another dwarf cichlid available to select.


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