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New Playmate


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Hey Guys,

I have a question for you all....

I've been keeping African Cichlids for around three years now.

I've had a variety of different Lake Malawi's over that time. Including: Electric Yellows; Hongi's; Cobalt Blue's; Salousi's; Lombardoi's; and Greshaki's. (apologies for the spelling).

From the start I had one Cobalt Blue. After a few months I got another Cobalt Blue and they constantly fought until the new one was almost dead. I separated them into different tanks for a couple of months so they could recuperate.

I tried putting them back in together (when I needed the other tank for a holding Hongi) and they fought constantly again, this time until the new one was dead.

After this, I have left my one and only Cobalt Blue by itself. I’m not sure if it’s male or female (I think it’s female), but I would really like to try breeding her.

Should I try to introduce another Cobalt Blue and risk another death - I don’t want to loose my three year companion now!

Is there some safe way of introducing another Cobalt to test the water (so to speak) to see if they will be compatible?

She is currently sharing a tank with a couple of Electric Yellows and a heap of dominate Hongi’s.

Appreciate your help.


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Hey hey,

Safety in numbers.

These fish are harem spawners, so without knowing if you have a male or female (although the aggression between the two may indicate two fellas dry.gif ) your best bet is to increase numbers to 6 - 8 fish which may alleviate the aggression.

Do you only have the one tank? If you are serious about attempting to breed them you may want to consider another tank for them with some decent rock cover available for hiding when required smile.gif .



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