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Saving My Borelli


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I have a male borelli whos looking pretty sick. Well actually hes not looking bad at all, no physical signs of illness, no marks, no visable worms, nothing i can see wrong with him. Hes lying on the bottom of the tank, just looks like hes not going to make it through the night. He is one of a pair, and spawned within the last 3 days. I had 2 days before this added 5 extra fish to the tank (rainbows as they were being killed in my other tank). They all seem to be fine. He borelli ate out of my fingers yesterday. When i woke up this morning i couldnt find him, and when i did as i said he was lying down at the back of the tank. When i go to touch him, he'll swim away, and move somewhere else and then continue to lie down. His normal nature is to swim at the top of the tank (at least this past 3 months, and yes i know unusual for an apisto). And his colour is pretty good, he shows his display colours a lot of the time, though he is still lying down.

Any advice on what to do? Or suggestions on what is wrong?

Oh my water limits are very good, not problems any where, and i tested everything.

Thanks in advance


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I know it is tempting to freak out because you love your borellii but unless he is showing symptoms of sickness there isn't a lot you can do. I have what turns out to be two male borellii as you know, the dominant one is a nutcase, in desperate need of some ritalin, however the little bloke has a tendency to just sit there.

He too has nice colours, doesnt look sick and generally appears fine apart from the fact he acts very subdued. Did you ever consider perhaps the rainbows are freaking him out?

Rainbows can be quite active, darting around and checking everything out. I remember when I had my m. trifasciata they were into everything. They loved to get really close to other fish as if they were inspecting them. Maybe the rainbows are making your male feel a little overwhelmed at the moment?

I'd love to be more helpful but if he looks fine, isnt acting sick, is eating, is swimming fine and hasnt got any signs of infection/sickness I dont know what to tell you. Keep a close eye on him and monitor him for any changes.

If it were another type of fish you could place him by himself in a quarrantine tank however with apistos being so sensitive to water conditions, and from my little experience at work and at home, being easily freaked out, moving him around may only serve to stress him out more.

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Are his fins clamped??Is he eating??

Sometimes spawning takes a bit out of them.

I have a pair of nanacaras

The male is aggressive with the female...they spawn

then the female knocks the crap out of the male!

Keep an eye on him and report any changes.

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I didnt get to see him this morning as i began work at 5. Though my mum said he was swimming funny... Anyways i got home later this arvo and he could not swim at all, he kinda just flopped round. He couldnt lift himself of the gravel. Today he looked stressed and very helpless. So in the end i helped euthinase (sp) him. I could catch him by hand, so he wasnt doing well.

Nothin i can do now. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what happened? id rather this not happen again if i can prevent it.

My only hope now is that the first time i manage to raise fry is this time. If anyone can, could you please email a diagram of how to make a baby brine shrimp breeder. I have all the things ie. eggs, air pump. just need instructions.

And does anyone know of anyone who stocks microworms

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Could have been an internal bacterial infection???

They are hard to treat because you really need the fish to eat the antibiotics??

Apisto's can be very sensitive to water conditions...how's the female??

If you do a search for brine shrimp hatcher you will find a lot of ideas

brine shrimp

here's one simple solution.

You should be able to order a starter microworm culture from LFS.

Best of Luck!

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Thanks Rod for the quick reply. My females fine, and so are the eggs by the look of it. I had tested all the water, Ph where it always is at 6.5, GH under 5, no nitrate or ammonia. I dont know what happened but it happened within 2 days. From good to bad.

Thanks for the brine shrimp thing. Im sorry i didnt search.

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