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Expensive Catfish


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Ive been seeing lots of beautiful catfish as of late. Mostly Ls and mostly in the $800 range. Now my question is to anyone who is selling them. Please correct me if im wrong. If shop keepers have them then they must have bought them for a lower price. From knowledge of the price other fish sell wholesale im sure the mark up is large (as is the risk to the shop keeper if anything happens to the fish). Most people who would buy these fish are either people very interested in the hobby or with huge wallets (or purses).

My question is, if anyone is selling them, do you see any problems of you advertise here, and sell for say a small percentage over that of the fish shops would buy them from you. Before anyone mentions it Id suggest they use a new account, so people dont know who they actually are, and if they worried, sell the fish in a neutral area, so they're not under any threat of break and enters?

Rare cichlids are sold through outlets like this all the time, why not rare catfish?


ps. feel free to correct me on anything you find wrong, or explain why this wouldnt work.

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