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</DIV><H1>Cleaning planted tank</H1><DIV id=Qtextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>How do people with heavily planted tanks keep the lower layers of the tank clean? I have a 3 ft planted tank with various thick leaved rooted plants (bolbitus, a couple of anubias sp. and something I bought yesterday and have already forgotten the name), which are mostly mounted on driftwood and when I did a bit of shuffling around today, and the crap that I stirred up from amongst the plants and below the wood is still clouding the tank an hour later, despite my attempst to siphon the rubbish out whilst doing a 50 litre water change.



Any ideas?

</P></DIV><H2>Replies »</H2><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: nornicle</STRONG><BR><BR>wait a couple of days to let it settle again



Generally it happens when you up root giant sword plants etc as well, but after several days should settle down again

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: PHL0703</STRONG><BR><BR>I actually don't bother, as the mulm is fertiliser for my plants (but most of my plants are directly rooted into the substrate).

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: Alan Caboolture</STRONG><BR><BR>Have you ever gone on a collecting trip and ever found heathy aquatic plants growing in nice clean aquarium type sand/gravel ???

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>This is the first time in nearly 18 months I have done anything other than clean the glass and change the water. I wasnt actually talking about the mulm trapped within the gravel, I have never syphoned that out, just the detritus that had collected beneath and around the driftwood, which has now settled over the substrate. I guess the best thing to do is gently syphon it off next water change.

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: yevrah</STRONG><BR><BR>As for negatingt he effects of crap building under rocks and drift wood, generally i lay the rocks and driftwood first, then layer on the gravel. This means that there isnt a gap between ornaments and gravel so you don't get that build up.


</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: Clint in Melbourne</STRONG><BR><BR>What filtration do you have? If you have good water circulation and good mechanical filtration, the water should clear up pretty quick, at least mine does when I stir things up. Also, every time you do a water change, it's a good idea to gently siphon off any excess mulm from the substrate.

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>Clint, I have a dynaflow HOB filter on the tank, so there certainly isnt enormous amounts of circulation. The main problem was that I moved all the driftwood etc around in an attempt ro rid my tank of java moss (futile) which stirred up all the rubbish, which subsequently settled out onto the gravel etc. I think now that it is settled out, I will just gently syphon it off, and try to minimise the moving off the wood etc. More circ would probably help keep the rubbish hidden under the wood etc though.

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