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Frontosa/7 bar


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i have 10 7 bar fronties (1male+9female)which are around 15-25cm and have recently purchased another 2 beautiful males (thanks to the forum) to make up

3 colonies.i have noticed that some are darker than others.

has this got anything to do with water parameters/temperature?

i have also noticed that when they get a water change (once a week 25%)

they seem to be lighter coloured.

any info will be appreciated.

thanks. dntknw.gif

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I currently keep 6 bar fronts so this may only be a guide. I find that colouring and the darkness of the barring is effected by mood. If you have reshuffled your fish to make three colonies it may take a few weeks for them to re-establish the pecking order.

If you are finding after a water change this is more noticable it may be due to the new water not matching the water parameter of your tank water i.e temperature, pH, gH and kH.

Swings in water parameters may stress your fish until they adjust to the new parameters. Stability is the answer.

Others may be able to add more to this. I hope this is of some help.


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