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Java Moss


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</DIV><H1>Java moss in sunlit tank</H1><DIV id=Qtextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>I was thinking of putting some Java moss in with my oscar and chocolate cichlid, with the idea that it might grow preferentially to the algae, as the tank is in a lot of sunlight. I know that the fish will probably tear the plant apart, which will just aid in its spread throughout the tank, which dosent bother me, but does my idea about the preferential growth make sense?

</P></DIV><H2>Replies »</H2><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: scitzfish</STRONG><BR><BR>yes and no, the java moss will compete with the algae for both light and nutrients. The problem being java moss has the habit of clogging EVERYTHING. A bit of a catch 22, it's probably best to deal with cause of the problem and not to create a cure. So cut down light and do more freq. water changes (with RO water preferably) to remove nutrients. HTH

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>Thanks scitzfish, There really isnt too much to clog at the moment, I am only running a millenium dual chamber HOB type filter (another reason for high nutrients) and the reason for wanting the moss is dual purpose, mainly for aesthetic reasons, to make the tank look greener and more hospitable, and I hoped that it might help lower nutrients.



Just another question, if I was to use RO water for changes (which I can do), would I need to use anything to buffer the pH to stop it going too low?

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>Russel says he dosent mind anubias in his tank, but I can take the Java moss, and shove it up my filter!

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: PHL0703</STRONG><BR><BR>Just be aware that with plenty of light and nutrients, Java Moss can grow really fast; I started off with a 3cm ball of it a 3 months ago, and have been removing 4cm balls of it every two weeks for the past 1.5 months to stop it chocking all the other plants...

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: searlesy</STRONG><BR><BR>Thanks PHL0703,



I know how invasive it is, as I am taking it from another tank to put in the oscar tank. I already harvest handfulls of it every couple of weeks, but I have plenty of people that take it off my hands, as I cant stand to throw anything away lol.

</P></DIV><DIV id=Atextbox><P><STRONG>Author: PHL0703</STRONG><BR><BR>I know what you mean; so far I have takers, as I harvest about 2kg of usable plants per month from my tank, but not sure how long before I saturate their tanks as well. Was away for two weeks, and found out that Limnophilia will actually spread across a tank with runners...

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