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In situ siliconing


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Hi guys,

I have single, fairly heavily-populated display tank (see signature below) in the living room (it's better than TV). One of the supports (across one of the thin ends) for the lids came free during a recent water change. So far, the lid is holding up ok, since the light & reflector that partly rests on it are primarily supported by the central cross-brace. However, I would like to put the support back in.

My problem is that I don't really have any alternative accommodation for my fish.

Since the support is entirely out of the water, can I make the fix in situ, or will that harm the fish?

Thanks in advance for those who will recommend a second tank.

Given the choice between one tank and a great marriage versus multiple tanks and a messy divorce, it looks like one tank (for now).


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Hi Paul

No you don't need a second tank (or a divorce LOL.gif ).

Lower your water level, in the tank by about 50mm.

Wipe the side glass of the tank with a cloth thoroughly dry - where you want the glass strip to sit.

Use silicone on the edge of the glass strip and push onto the side glass of the tank.

You can hold the glass strip in position by means of G-clamps or duct tape.

Leave for 24 hours and it will set.

Then just top up the tank again. thumb.gif

The silicone will have no effect on your fish.

Good luck thumbsupsmileyanim.gif


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try using rhodersil v2 silicone it will dry really quick so you dont have to clap it and if you do it in the morning it should be right by the night also it is designed for tanks and the like

good luck

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a mate of mine buys it in bulk to build tanks but its pretty dear as far as i know but if interested i might be able to organise a coule of tubes brought to the auction so if interested pm me and ill let ya know a price and if its possible


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Prestige Aquariums at Mt Druitt (02 98645701) sell Dow Corning Acetic Cure Silastic in clear or black for $6.00 a cartridge or $80.00 for a box of 15 Cartridges.

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