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Stocking Levels


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G'day all,

Following on from my water clarity post, a few had suggested that maybe stocking was a cause, so:

Now anyone that wants to have a stab at it can give their idea of what is an overstocked 6x2x2, or any tank relating to it's size.

This will be interesting as I'm sure I haven't read a post reciently that gives everyone's idea on what overstocked is.

Maybe we could divide it up into fish types as well, Mbuna, Haps, Peacocks etc as adult size and waste/feeding within these groups is very different.

Oh, My pump on the 6x2 does 3500/lph, maybe thats not enough?



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The filtration is closely linked with the stocking level. You can have a relatively densely populated tank if you have strong filtration.

Your 3500l/h filter is not enough for your large tank. I use at least that much in standard 4ft tanks. I also have 2 airstones in the water that creates lots of oxygen. Cichlids like strong filtration, lots of air and clean water.

I think possibly everyone has different idea of stocking levels. In a standard 4ft tank you can keep 30 mbunas (10-12cm size max) easily if you have strong filtration. In your case you could keep 50 fish easily if you would add another strong filter.


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Hi Rol & Jas,

I now have a 4900L/hr pump in my 4x2x2. What is your opinion regarding this? I keep about 8 medium sized cichlids (includes a 20cm american & rostratus), 3 medium salmon cats, 3 medium syno eupterus, 4 pleco's bout 12cm each & 5 mono argentius's ~10cm. I plan to downgrade the level to focus on the growth of those members that i now prefer to keep in the future. The noise of the pump is starting to drive me bonkers. I use the supplied elbow so i can keep the water level to just below bio balls. Howver pump is not fully submerged dry.gif


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