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NSWCS Cichlid Circular


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Hi all,

I am unsure as to how many NSWCS members I will capture with this post but know that there are a fair few of out there.

I am hoping to stem the flow of phone calls and emails searching for the February edition of the Cichlid Circular.

I have been chasing them up for over three weeks now - President Anthony smile.gif has assured me that they will be here some time this week. We have sourced an alternative printer as the delay was too great with the old.

If they arrive late in the week they will be available for collection at the major auction for members that attend. For the rest I will ensure they are posted out no later than Monday 7th March.

On behalf of the Society I apologise for the delay (you must all be suffering withdrawal by now) and hopefully with the new printer, May's issue will come out in May blink.gif


Aline Sinclair

Membership Officer


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I am referring to the February Issue.

The bristlenose issue was November's distributed in December.

If you joined the club since then you will have received the bristlenose edition as that was the latest to hand.


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