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Jardini Died :(

Pierced Soul

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My little Jardini who I had for prob 12 hours was found dead today. He (or she) was placed into my 6x2x2 with some Americans. In the few hours he was there none of the americans seemed interested in him. He was in good health and idnt appear stressed from anything. I awoke to find him between pieces of driftwood. I am assuming that during the night he got spooked and went nuts and somehow got wedged. Does this sound plausible?

anyway, I've noticed that in most tanks with saratoga and arrowana there are few decorations, i'm guessing this could be why....

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was there any markings or wounds from a fight?

maybe he was chased until he had to hide to get away.

i have mine in a tank wit normal cichlids electric yellows ect 1 oscar rocks driftwood

he seems alrite but atm i fink he has some fight wounds

im not too sure why your fish died

so sorry for ur loss how big was he

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Guest african-au

sara jardini is a preety tough fish----

he/she may have been intoduced too quickly

& wasn't climatised correctly.

but then again depending on how big your other fish are?

he may of even been spooked & knocked himself out very possible with sara's

bare tanks with tank busters is a must!

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there was so sign of physical damage to the fish. the water was ok in terms of ammonia etc, however the pH was quite low, which may have been the problem. I didnt see any signs of distress in the time he was in the tank, but the pH probably had some affect on it along with the wood cryblow.gif

he was aclimatised ok, wasnt too quick. only a small fish, bout 15cm.....

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if water conditions are ok take it back to the shop with a water sample and they should replace it for you. they should last longer than that.

Good luck...i doubt you will get far going back to the shop. In fact im quite certain you would be wasting your time.

however the pH was quite low, which may have been the problem

What was the pH in the previous tank and the latter tank. Do you know? Im guessing it may have died of stress. Remember they are quite a skittish fish. I would guess it was the Americans assuming your pH was close. If you dont adjust pH in any tanks (like me) I cant see why that would be a problem. What type/how many/what size Americans are in the how big tank?.Im guessing it was their doing. It would have been wise to add a tank divider to protect the Sara until acclimatisation follows (if at all).

Sorry about your loss though cryblow.gif Live and learn

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I cant really imagine any shop refunding on a fish....

I honestly dont knopw what the pH was in the previous tank, my tank was a lot lower than i expected around 5-ish.....however i've never actually a fish have a pH shock before and i've have moved many fish into different pH's in my day....

The americans in the tank were chocolates, green terrors and rainbows. they werent that big and in the time I saw them over a few hours they paid no interest to the jardini, which is why i was so surprised by its death. would water flow from the filter play a role? i.e. could the current have been too strong? dntknw.gif

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In the circumstances where the pH was around 5 I think it is almost certain that water conditions killed your fish.

Remember a pH scale is a range from highly acidic to highly basic (between 1 and 14) with 7 being neutral.

The pH scale is logarithmic so a pH of 5 is 10 times more concentrated with hydrogen ions than a pH of 6. A pH of 5 has 100 time more hydrogen ions than pH 7 (and a bit).

If a fish came from a neutral tank to a tank of pH 5 it is very likley to die of shock especially where it is used to neutral conditions like the jardini. By contrast south americans like acidic water (lots of decomposing plants in the Amazon) so a pH of 5 is tolerable.

It is a tough learing experience but I think most of us have experienced it at one time or another.


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