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How to settle my Cichlid....


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I have a display tank with cichlids. 2 of them have breed and 1 is holding a mouthful. I have purchased a small breeder net to keep her safe. The other cichlids are bullying her quite a bit and she is not eating with the mouth full of young....

My questions is: How do i keep her happy in this net? She looks very stressed and is constantly trying to swim through the net....

I did not plan on breeding them but it has happened and i am worried that if i release her back into the main tank area she will die due to being chased and not eating.

Any help would be great!!

many thanks


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hi Ryan

those net breeders are not the best things to use, as she has nowhere to hide, and is in a strange/confined place.

if you can hang a cover over the front of the tank[so she can't see you] she should settle down.

don't be too distessed about her not eating, most cichlids cope with this, [although it is supprising how many do actually manage to grab small morsels]

if she were still in the tank, she would find somewhere hide and avoid danger, but when the fry are released, they would be in grave danger.

a few more details would help; ie. tank size, species, how many,decor etc. it all fits together and gives others a better idea on any advise offered.



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Ryan -

Dont use a breeding net, period. They are too exposed. In the short term (until you've made what I am going to suggest) then use a piece of black floating "ag pipe" in the net. She'll hide in it.

After adding this I'd suggest making a floating fry saver (or floatie, as they are known here on the forums).



Because these have a solid base they are MUCH better then breeding nets.

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