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My Display tank


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Well I thought it about time that I put up some pics.

A quick overview:

I built the stand and hood from some fence pailings i bought cheap,

Tank :600h x 410w x 1300L

Filtration: Eheim 2217 and AC300

Fish: 3 Clown Loaches, 2 Ps Acel ( Msuli), 6 Pulu Point Red Zebras, 7 Ps Elong. Likoma Is, 3 E-yellows, 4 very small BN, 3 Pepper Mint BN ( boarding for Beardie as his tank cracked)

Substrate: Crushed Marble

Rocks: Sandstone and Slate

Plant: One almost dead Java Fern

I realise that when all these guys grow up my tank will more than likely be overstocked , I am in the process of setting up a tank rack.

Sorry But I have taken the pics down

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I agree about the background, personally I would like to get rid of it. However the girl likes it. And well.... as they say in life there are two rules

1/ Always look after number 1

2/ In order to adhere to rule number 1 you sometimes need to look after the number 2 in your life.

But I am angling to getting rid of it, any suggestions would be appreciated as to a replacement idea.

BTW it could be lot worse I could have pink or some other brightly coloured substrate. I held firm on that one thumbsupsmileyanim.gifclap.gif

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What you need to do is stick a poster up on the wall in your lounge room. Something like the rocky one above would be ideal. Then when she starts to complain about it (and if she is like any girl i know, she will) you can strike a compromise: Rocky goes if the background goes.

rule #3. Sometimes when looking after #1, it pays to be tricky!



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Good to see some of those Ps. elongatus 'Likoma Island' are colouring up nicely!!!

Yeah Dave they are doing really well, I lost a the smallest one after about the first week. But the other seven are going great great guns.

I am going to get another tank to sort out the males from the females. I would like to set them up in species only thank

I really like them alot, best $210 I ever spent LOL.gifLOL.gifthumbsupsmileyanim.gif ( For all who don,t get this joke, check out the auctions that were run to raise money for the Tsunami)

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