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Do you feed flakes to largish haps?


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This may or may not be a silly question, but you never never know if you never never go!

I'm wandering whether those of you who keep largish haps (eg, Venustus, Protomelas, Placidochromis, Copadichrmois, Scienochrmis, etc) have continued to feed them flakes as they have grown or have you eventually given the flakes away?

Reason I ask is I'm at the stage where all my fish are around 12cm+ and predictably flakes have become something of a messy affair. The large flakes get eaten and the small ones ignored which no doubt is adding to the bio-load of my tank. So, have you all found there comes a time to stop feeding flakes or not? If you have what pellets (or something else?) did you switch to?

Many thanks.

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