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gold sev's


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i recently got 2 pairs of gold sev's from different places, ( a real white/gold pair and a redish pair) both went fine for 2 or so weeks, but now the redish one are going more white and the white/gold pair are doin great, does anyone know what the difference is between them and what might cause the ridish ones to change so quick,



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Hey richie,

I have a gold severum like most americans they change depending on mood, water condition, spawning colours etc. Your severum may feel stress because you said that you recently got them. Also what are you feeding them this also contributes to the colour of the severum? do you use colour enhancing staple foods? My sev goes through periods of colour change it also depends on their environment too also how long you leave the light on? their tankmates? etc i hope this helps somewhat. My male sev is for sale if you want another one yes.gif



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