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Fish id - not cichlid qns


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Hi Guys,

I'll try to post a pic to help id this, if someone could help me with a thread re pic posting, I'm sure it will help me out.

Here goes its description:

I have a fish with a body resembling a sleepy cod/ gudgeon but its has a head like an african channa or bicher. Its not a sleepy cod, snakehead gudgeon or butis butis as all three don't have barbels (as far as I'm aware) as opposed to the fish a recently bought. Its colour though mostly resembles a sleepy cod having a strip of light brown down the middle over a darker brown body. All fins are just like a sleepy cod - about 10cm, eating white bait/ blood worms. Quite aggressive aswell. The LFS told me its "Snake Goby" - which is a no match on google, and it came from Queensland. My fellow fish geeks and I are stumped on this one!

All you native fans - appreciate your help.

Regards, MAW

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