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BN injured


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hi all

i,ve got a male bn about 8 - 10 cm who seems to have scraped the leading edge of one fin on something. What concerns me is that there appears to be a fungal infection starting on the wound, like a light grey fluffy growth which is now about 5-7mm in diameter and about the same in hight above the original wound which was only about 3-4mm.

How do i treat the problem as it seems that in one thread on this forum Alan stated that melafix is not good for bn, has anyone done any testing with "alternafix" as described by yew.

Would it be safe and effective for use on bn.

To make Alternafix add 1ml shaken tea tree oil (buy from a chemist/woolies) to 100ml of water

Add 5ml of your Alternafix stock solution to every 40 litres of tank water.

Alternafix (like Melafix) is an antifungal/antibacterial medication and can be used on wounded fish etc to speed healing

please help as i'd like to save him before he karks it



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I have had this problem in the past and I found if you increase your water changes (the number not the volume). I changed 20% of the water every 3 days it seems to go away in a few weeks. YMMV.

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