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Hi Craig,

I've actually got a rack using drop sides of 2 tanks (4 x 18 x18), with the ability to add one more on top of the rack. I'm using one air pump to power the drop sides on all of the tanks, which is a very power effecient way considering I only use 25 watts to effectively power 3 tanks.

I have two out flows for each drop side, of which the drop side filters take up 4 inches of each tanks end. There are two glass plates with a 2mm gap in between of which I would probably recommend 3mm after seeing these operate for a while.

I use these tanks as my fry tanks to grow them out before placing in a larger tank, and have had hundreds of fry of up to 4-5cm in them without any trouble from the filters ability to handle that amount of fish.

Unfortunately i don't have a working camera at the moment but will post a photo in the future if you are interested. The tanks were made for a total of $175 each by a local aquarium maker, including lids and the drop sides complete. The rack I made myself from the DIY on the Sydney Cichlid site, which makes for a very cheap way to have growing tanks.

hope this helps.



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