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Great Deal!


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My friend just bought a awesome 2nd hand deal:

5 x 24"W x 27"H, 10mm glass with lids and foam (2yrs old)

solid stained cabinet and hood

three 4ft twin tube reflectors built into the hood with transformers

buckets of gravel

almost new eheim 2260 wow!!!

digital thermometer

RO (reverse osmosis) water unit

300w heater

for only $400!! i think thats a pretty good deal, dontcha think? I wish I had found the ad first! haha! laugh.gif

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I am, Mark, I am. smile.gif But I'm glad my friend got it tho, I've been pestering him to get a much bigger tank than his 7 yr old standard 4ft tank.

How much is a brand new Eheim 2260 by itself? I asked in a more upmarket lfs today, and it was $650. I'm sure its much cheaper elsewhere.

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haha! i'm glad i've got other ppl feeling the same way i do - wish we had gotten the deal first! laugh.giflaugh.gif

probs gonna be helping my friend to set it all up soonish. its gonna be fun!

You'd jump at that even if you didn't want a new tank.

Very true. even just to resell it at 2nd market value. heh!

I actually think i got a pretty good deal myself a while back:

4 x 20"W x 16"H with lids, hardly any scratches

2 huge 30L buckets full of gravel

some rocks


and a 2.5ft x 24"W x 20"H sump full of bioballs

for only $50. Hah!! LOL.gifLOL.gif

what else have you guys gotten at a ridiculous bargain?

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