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The Bilby Shoe Boot Throw


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Hi Gang

The winners of the Bilby Shoe Boot Throw are


Ladies/kids = Brigita

Men’s = Kram


Ladies/kids = Shell

Men’s = Mezzacam


Ladies/kids = Nil

Men’s = phatsocarlover


Ladies/kids = merjo

Men’s = Newo

ACT & SA did not enter

user posted image Please visit the sponsors web site at http://www.bilbyshoes.com.

Dave from Bilby Shoes will soon post instructions on how to collect your prizes

Thanx Dave for your support. If anyone is interested in some Aussie made shoes or boots please visit their web site. I received a review from a member who has purchased from Bilby Shoes in the past and traveled Europe with them. He stated that they were the most comfortable shoes he has ever owned.

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First of all congratulations to those winners clap.gif , There are some very big tossers amongst you wink.gif .

The boots that are to be awarded to you are a typical Australian Elastic sided boot that is of course Australian made wub.gif and has a retail value of about $79.95.

Now to get your measurement of size you will need to take an A4 size piece of paper and place a short side against the wall, place your heel against the same wall on top of the piece of paper, mark the end of the longest digit and then a mark either side of the metatarsal (ball of your foot) now give me those two measurements in millimetres as well as the measurement of the circumference of your metatarsal.

When doing this don't add anything , that's my job, you have a choice of black or brown.

You can E-mail me your details, Phatoscarlover you might as well come to the factory yourself if you have time thumb.gif

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Well I found it and measured. 105mm wide.

I hadn't looked at the prize for the boot throw before the day so when they told me I had won some boots I didn't believe them.

It makes sense why we were having a boot throwing comp at a cichlid bbq now :D

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LOL.gif you have to laugh, it is amazing, most people have sent me their measurements, some have left off the colour they want but ALL have failed to give me a postal address dntknw.gif for me to send the boots to, but then again l guess l could E-mail the boots to them cool.gif

So could all winners please send a new e-mail that contains these three items

1/ Measurements (3 of them)

2/ Colour you want (Black or Brown)

3/ A Postal address (maybe a land line Number too)

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Ladies/kids = Nil

Didn't we get a winner for the ladies/kids?

I remember Janine throwing a pretty good one but not sure if she threw the winner or not (it's just a blur) tongue.gif



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