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Electric Blue Problem


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Hey fellas, Well my E. Blues were breeding tonight, (My male and a female)

Problem is... HE EATS THE DAMN EGGS!

As soon as she drops an egg, he eats it as fast as lightning, and then the female turns around looking for an egg! And looks so confused because there isn't one!

Tanks mates are, 3 Male Hongi, 3 Electric Yellows, 3 E Blues (1m, 2f)

Hongi dominant male may be causing a problem, by harassing them a little before hand, But hasn't come close to them during their spawning courtship...

Would it have caused the male to eat the eggs?

My sister wanted to grow this batch of Electric Blues up... sad.gif Guess not as we will probally have no damn babies! Frustrating...

Anyone think of a solution? What could we use as a divider? To seperate the E. Blues from the rest of the tank?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cameron. smile.gif

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Ummm, This is probally about his 5th try, Lol. I've had a couple successful mouthfuls, but never decided to keep them...

But he's now breeding with the other female at the moment, And hasn't been disturbed by the Hongi and seems to be spawning in the proper manner. Lol. First time i've watched them spawn... It's quite interesting!

They are spawning ontop of my Internal filter! Lol. Need to set out an area of rock for them to do it on instead soon, lol.

Anyhows, Just thought i'd update smile.gif He has successfully spawned.

Cameron. smile.gif

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