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Thermostatically Controlled Power Points


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When Rosco constructed his fish room he installed a thermostatically controlled power point to control the heating in the room. He told me that he was able to get this second hand but thought that Bunnings may stock them. I have checked at the two Bunnings closest to me to no avail. Does anyone no where I would be able to find this type of power point as I am having the fish room wired this week?

Even a brand name would help as I may then be able to track it down.



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Hi ged,

I don't have a thermostatically controlled power point. What I have is a thermostat unit that controls the power to a double power point, they are 2 different things pieces of electrical equipment.

The theromostat is a vulcan theromostat at you would normally see controlling the temperature of a wall heater. It works the effectively the same way. The heater is plugged into the power point and turned on full. When the room temperature hits say 25 degrees then the theromstat cuts the power to the power point and turns off the heater. But if can avoid getting the theromostat installed near a door way as it the temperature will flucuate and your heater may come on more often than it should.

Sorry if I confused you so I hope this helps thumb.gif



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