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How do fix a background with bad watermarks?


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u talking about a background behind the glass?

I had this problem as well with water running down the glass and looking horrible. I just ran a piece of sticky tape the whole lenth of the tank on the top edge of the background and down the sides so theres no gaps.

Now the water runs over the background if it does go down there and not between glass and background.

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I had this problem a lot for a while.

I tried hot water (because I thought it was dried salt), moved up to windex (which had no effect) and finally in desperation went to CLR. It took it off in no time.

My guess is it is a calcium deposit whcih is why CLR worked. I know there are lots of people on this site who oppose strong chemicals near fish tanks and have suggested a razor blade to scratch it off which you can also try.

I eventually stopped using backgrounds for this reason and went with glass only or a painted back.


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