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Bilby shoe Boot throwing instructions

Boots n all

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Please don't read this if you are offended by political incorrectness

Boot throwing styles for the Bilby Shoes Boot throwing Comp.

1/ The Bloke chuck.

This the most masculine of throws, the boot is held firmly at the toe with arm holding the boot way over the shoulder, the back foot taking all the weight whilst the front foot is raised off the ground (60cm) the boot is then hurled forward over the shoulder with a loud GRUUUUUUUUUUNTING sound.


This throw is very accurate in the forward direction whilst the loud Gruuunt will impress all watching


The boot may gain more height than distance blush.gif

2/ The Shella chuck

This is a dangerous throw, the boot is held gently between the thumb and fore finger the boot is held over the shoulder whilst both feet are level with line, the boot is thrown in a round motion from the back out the side and hopefully forward followed by a little squeeeeeeal


None that l can think of.


The boot could go any direction (including backwards) and the thrower may fall over

3/The Hammer throw

This is best done wearing a kilt, the thrower stands well back from the “Mark” the boot firmly held in two hands, the thrower approaches the line in a spinning manner getting faster with each spin the boot is released as contact is made with the “Mark” followed by a huge AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


This style draws a good crowd (especially if the Kilt is worn) and can cover good distance.


Direction of the throw can be an issue for the uninitiated.

4/ The Little tacker throw.

This style is usually under taken by the small and infirm, the boot is dangled between the throwers legs whilst bending forward and the boot is bought up and forward (hopefully) in a most urgent fashion followed by a OOOOOOOH


Anyone can do it. The throw can achieve great heights


If not released correctly can hit the thrower fair smack in the gob, done to fast my flick up at the wrong time whilst between the legs, not recommended by large males thumb.gif

5/ The finger tosser.

This is the most dangerous of the throws to be under taken, due care must be taken.

This when some bright spark thinks by putting his finger inside the boot loop at the back of the boot he will get a better toss, in some ways he is right, the energy delivered to the boot is not lost in a slipping grip, the sad part is with that much energy delivered to the boot there is not time enough to remove the finger from the boot loop correctly, the result can be a dislocated finger and a boot that could possibly go anywhere.


None at all. LOL.gif


Heaps as pointed out earlier

Have fun and be ever vigilant for a miss guided boot where ever your may stand

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