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st clause tetra, CAE, silver angel pics


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Nice photos

Any chance of some tips?

I have the same camera and i was wondering what settings you use to take photos. Colour balance, mode, macro, flash etc...

I can manage to get good photos of still objects but i struggle to get anything good of constantly moving tetras and rainbows.



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thanks Brett. that's the one smile.gif

Btw here are some tips that work for me for those who are interested but remember i'm not a pro blush.gif

After all you have no control over the fish whatsoever so what you can do is to max other factors. Most basic and important factors that i have control over are:

- light. i keep plants so the tank is reasonably bright (3x30w over 3ft).

Replace old tubes with new ones if necessary. It means that flash is a no no for me.

- only take pic@night time. turn room's light off.

- good water quality. watch out for those floating particles. they will ruin your pic.

- clean glass inside outside.

- don't be afraid to use tripod.

that's all!

some tips about camera settings:

- you have to know how your camera works. read the manual if necessary (maybe it's just me dry.gif ) myself is still learning how to use it.

- i always use manual A priority & don't play around with other settings.

- ISO 64.

- higher ISO and combination of A & S priority are used only if i really need to (eg.fast moving fish).

- you can correct the light color balance using the photoshop.

- watch out for "Chromatic Aberrations". do further research on that. i didn't notice it before.

extra tips:

- do a lot of research/readings on photography related topics.

- learn and observe other people's photos. ask yourself what makes a simple object look extraordinary through the viewfinder of the camera.

- btw i've been picking up some tips here and there from Amano. He is an inspiration to me smile.gif


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