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I was told not to use flash when taking photos of electric yellows because it washes their colour out.

But this yellow got in the way when i took the pictures of the acei.

Im still trying to improve on my snapshots, will try to capture some yellows soon.

I also just got a new breeding colony of acei so i will be adding them to the existing colony. Hopefully they produce heaps of fry. woot.gif


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Your water is so clear too! Its like the fish are floating on air

Lol, it's called overfiltering.

Plus i always do a water change before i take photos.

Can someone gimme some tips on taking photos?

Flash or no flash?

What angle?

What ISO?

What white balance?

When to use exp comp?

And how to keep the fish still lol. wink.gif

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laugh.gif Rather than trying to keep the fish still, try not moving yourself and just stay aimed on one spot of the tank. That works better for most people personally i prefer to move the camera! lol There is an Aquatic Photography forum which someone posted the link for on another forum during the week, but i book marked it at work and now im at home so if some else has it maybe they can post it otherwise il post it up for you tom when im at work. thumb.gif HTH Cheers Andy
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