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Im just wondering if anyone uses zeolite and wats the method u used to recharge it.

I heard it was completely rechargeable by leaving it in the sun to dry (theres no way thats correct) or soaking it in a strong salt solution.

PS: what are the pro's and con's of using zeolite and can it replace the traditional bacteria colonizing media.

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recharging zeolite is best done in a strong salt solution for 24hrs. but do not use normal table salt, use pool salt, it's very cheap at the supermarket. after 24hrs wash and rinse well.

do not use it as a replacment for filter media, as it has to be cleaned often, thereby losing all bacteria. how often to clean depends on the fish load, a test kit will give you a good indication.

as with many other forms of chemical filtration,zeolite does assist in removing nitrates as well as helping with amonia spikes, but they are not a substitutes for water changes. if you've not allready done so, take the time to read the thread on "water changes" there are many points valid to your question.


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