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Devils breeding behaviour


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theyll start cleaning a rock and then shell start laying rows of eggs ,usually about 500 depending on her size ,hell fertilize them and the two of them will look after the egss which will hatch in 3-4 days ,the fry will still have yolk sacs for another 5 days ,so they wont swim till this has been absorbed.i leave the babies with the parents as long as possible,usually 4-6 weeks and put some liquid fry food in about 3 times aday and frozen brine shrimp once a day ,theyll also share their parents food, this is a enjoyable time ,the parents will cull the fry a bit ,some will die and somewill go up the filter but i usually end up with about 50-100 fry.when the time comes to remove the fry get ready to separate the parents ,this is when the male will turn on his wife,blaming her for the loss of the fry,after about 3 days they can go back together and the whole cycle starts again-enjoy!!

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