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Bleaching Limestone


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Hey guys, I've got a bunch of limestone I want to bleach.

How much bleach should I use?

How long should It soak for?

Once I rinse it off, should I soak it in a bucket of water for a few days?

I just dont wanna kill any fishes, so I was hoping you guys would know.


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I assume you want to bleach the limestone so it is a shiny white colour. Limestone is already basic so bleaching it will have no additional affect on water chemistry.

There are 2 types of common bleach - sodium hypochlorite NaOCL and peroxide H2O2. The type you want to use is definitely peroxide. It will bleach the stones but if you leave it in the sun the peroxide will photodegrade leaving you with no nasty residues. Just wash well in water a couple of times and let dryin the sun.

The household bleaches in supermarkets are mostly hypochlorite which will slaughter your fish unless you are extremely vigilant in washing and cleaning it. Leaving it out in the sun will not assist.

You can buy peroxide (H2O2) at chemists. It will be more expenisve but probably worth the investment.

Having said that when I want to clean my limetsone I give it a good scrub with a brush and leave it out on the back verandah for a couple of weeks in the direct sun. It colours up nice and white with a bit of patience.



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