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You definately have a water problem Mike !!

Corydoras, ancistrus, hopolo, and a few other catfish are able to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere (Similar but not quite like anabantids). They only need to do this when the disolved oxygen ratio (DOR) is too low for comfort.

If the tank volume is large enough and there is plenty of water circulation, look to ammonia and nitrite levels as these inhibit gas exchange across the gill fillaments.

Get some biological filtration going.


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Hmm everything seems pretty much OK:

NH4: 0.5mg/l

NO2: <0.3mg/l

NO3: 10mg/l

pH: 7.5

The only thing I slightly dont like is the NH4 0.5mg/l at pH 7.5.

The Bn and pepps seem to jump for air whenever i put zuchini or pumpkin in the tank. Would also help if I had gH, kH and O2 tests but everything seems OK. They have 2 airstones in a little 2ft tank as well as 4 250l/hour filters. Ive designed them not to create too much turbulance, just a desirable amount.

Note: I did a 2/3 water change last night and the jumping started after I did that. It has stopped this morning (to my knowledge).

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Mike -

If you leave one bristlenose in their (not a peppermint) he'll help cycle things.

Here's a bit of highly recommended reading:



2/3 water changes arent generally recommened (due to swings in pH - its is possible these are causing the damage to your biological filter.

I can recommend those readings enough - they will save you much money, time etc.


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