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anubius plants wilting :(


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i have 3 types of anubius in what i can call it moderately high ph (i think my testers broken so i will give another reading when I get another ph test kits.

now problem as stated it looks like some of the bigger leafed ones are shrivelling and some even have small holes appearing..

what is it missing? or what am i doing wrong?

this anubius is firmely latched onto a nice piece of wood.

I have good oxygenated tank (could this be problem??)

lights i guess its generated from a 4foot lights.

so any experts in this department?

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Hi Gianniz,

My Anubis did that too, to start with but it seems to be ok now.

I know oxygen can cause growth probs in plants, but my Anubis is in a well oxgented tank and doing fine.

My guess (dont quote me on this as i could be wrong) is the older leaves are dieing off, for the growth of new ones as that seems to be what is happening with mine all the time.

As long as you have about 10hrs of light a day, it should be ok.

You can try adding some fertiliser, but i wouldnt say it is essential.



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Often the growers grow the plant emersed (i.e. with the leaves grown in 100% humidity above the water) as they grow quicker like that (more access to CO2 one of the major limitation of plant growth after light and nutrients). When these previously emersed leaves are immersed the plant will drop them and grow leaves better adapted to being under the water. As long as the plant has plenty of energy in a good solid caudex, which emersed plants usually do, new leaves will be produced in no time.

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