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my eartheater tank


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Emp1re if ya want me to host and re-size the pic for ya let me know, the size of that thing is ridiculous! lol If ya wanna know how to resize easily right click the file(pic) on your c: drive go edit (opens paint) and go under Image to stretch/skew and reduce the pic to about half the size! No photo editing programs required just paint, obviously can be done much better with photoshop or the like. HTH Cheers Andy

phatoscarloverz@yahoo.com if ya want me to host and re-size.

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Wilsta: the tank is 6x2x2

Nogo4u: hi Andrew,

Sorry for the poor picture quality the one in the pic is of Geophagus bradybranchus and Satanaperca leucostitca

your altifrons is in another tank wink.gif

and they are all doing well. YOur altifrons is top qualtiy

wonderful shape and colour. highly recommended to any potential buyers

Phatoscarlover: thanks for the offer but i fix it, i was in a hurry.

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