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Pleco Behaviour?


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hey guys/gals

ive got 2 Sailfins (15 & 13cm)

their names are Tim and Ben smile.gif

i was under the impression that they were meant to be very territorial and keep to themselves?

these guys are best of mates and i find myself sitting for hours watching them as they play and tumble each other up and down my tank.

they are always lying next to eachother as well, as they attach themselves to the glass and/or rocks

they also love playing in the bubbles :|

is this normal for these guys?

ive got them alone in a 5x2x2 so they have PLENTY of room to play.

p.s. sailfins are my new favourite fish

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Mine are differnt species of pleco but they don't really like each other (sailfin, gold spot, chocolate). However the Gold spot now has a little friend that he lets sit on his sholder, a little S.Eupterus, it is hilarius to watch. When my plecos were smaller they were fine and never fought.

Anthony cool.gif

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