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What do you feed kissing gourami?


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Hey guys

Just bought a small kissing gourami and its very healthy, it swims around and nibble on every leaf in the tank but when it comes to feeding time its struggling to pick up the food and is terribly slow to get the sinking one and all other fish beat the gourami to it.

It managed to pick up a pellet but it spat it out.

Any advice would be great


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Hi zerospel,

I've had that problem with other gourami varieties, What i found was if it takes it and then spits it out, it means it's a different food to what their use to being fed.

I found after a week or so when it started getting hungry it would take the food that i offered...just give it a bit of time to settle in and it will eat eventually.

Hope that helps

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The kisser is eating now, but i had to sink the flakes for it to be able to eat what a pain! and it doesnt eat mini pellets.

This fish dont seem like a greedy type tho, doesnt eat that much and dont go into feeding frenzy like other fish does

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