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Sexing Bristlenose


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At anywhere from 6cm up to 10cm.

I can pretty much tell a female at 5 - 6cm, but it's hard to pick males until they get the bristles.

If you look closely at a 6cm fish, the males should show tiny bristles all the way around their nose, but a female will either show none, or maybe just 2 or even 4 small bristles.

I've also had males get quite long bristles by 6 or 7 cm.

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It is more a matter of age rather than size.

Some how bristlenose seem to find their way into just about everytank in my room (I'm sure they go walkabout at night).

I have found poor neglected, stunted males hidden away in unknown corners who had a face full of bristles @ only 5 cm SL. Then I have had other males not produce bistles untill they were 10 - 12 cm SL.

They should definately be showing some at nine months tho.


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