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Air driven filter


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Hello .

user posted image

I hope you can understand this ?

If i put too much detail it all becomes a blur laugh.gif

But the jist of it is Egg crate or something similar goes around the airpipe about 40mm off the bottom! Filter media fills the rest of the compartment around air tube .

Water is drawn from the tank up between the two pieces of glass from the bottom ,down through the media and up the uplift back into the tank ,creating circulation!

Again ,back to my first comment ,I hope you understand that! LOL.gif

Media can be anything you like.

Personaly i use about 6 inches of scoria and top it up with filterwool .

My opinion is that these are one of the most efficient filters that i have seen !

It costs me about $6. per filter and no extra power is needed other than air !

My filters are set up in corners .But they work the same if you use all of one end of the tank (front to back i mean )

Cleaning is no different to a canister really ! I just change the top portion of filter wool about once a month

You can make them what ever size you like !

I filter all tanks from 180 ltr to 1000 ltr

Well worth considering in my opinion! thumb.gif


Cheers Kevin

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Great drawing and the explanation when read in conjunction with the drawing is easy to follow.

Does this type of filter take the same length of time to cycle as other filters?


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To Tiger:

I have a couple of questions if I may?

Is the water the same level in the tank as in the media compartment?

And secondly would you be able to confirm the exact gap between the glass and the perspex please?

There is so much interest in drop sides that I would really like to get it right. I have made a few but only have retained one for my own use. It is probably the most healthy, thriving tank I have. It is over stocked but the fish seem to do so well in it. It is also low maintainence. The fact is though these things need to be set up just about "spot on" taking all the prevailing circumstances into consideration. The recent change I made from an old diaphram air pump to a rotary blower impacted significanly on the operation of the drop side in this tank. The more info I can gather the less experimentation I need do. Drop sides are probably the best kept secret of the aquarium hobby.



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