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Red Tail Shark

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Generally speacking Gourami species prefer a temperature range between 24 - 28 degrees but there are exceptions (ie. Giant Gourami).

Here are a few examples:

Trichogaster microlepsis (Moonlight Gourami) 26 - 30 degrees

Trichogaster labiosus (Thick Lipped Gourami) 24 -28 degrees

Trichogaster leeri (Lace or Pearl Gourami) 24 -28 degrees

Trichogaster chuna (Honey Gourami) 24 -28 degrees

Trichogaster trichopterus (Blue, Opaline, Gold & Platinum Gourami) 24 -28 degrees

Colisa lalia (Dwarf Gourami) 24 -28 degrees

Osphronemus goramy (Giant Gourami) 19 - 30 degrees

So it depends what you are keeping.


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thanks gerard for the info my father who lives in qld was sold some gouramis for his external pond the guy at the shop said they would be alright in there all year round i know that 2 of them are dwarf gouramis not sure what the others are but i told him i was pretty sure that would not survive the winter once it went below 22 degrees and from the info u have supplied it confirms what i thought

Cheers Cal

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Dwarfs will die. Opaline, 3 spot, golds and pearls will probably survive down to 16 deg. if it comes on slow. I cold snap could finish them though.

They are pretty tolerant and can live in absoloute filth and breath from the surface in contaminated water. Very adaptable fish.

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