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Caught in the Act


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Hi All,

Just had to share a little tale.

For years I have kept breeding pairs of blue rams, and although the breed regularily I have never managed to catch them in action - they seem to prefer night time.

Anyways I was home from work a little early today and noticed that the light on one of my breeding tanks was off (the globe was dead), I peered into the tank to see what was going on, and lo and behold the spawning was just commencing.

For the next half an hour or so I watched as the male cleared the last few stones from the pot, then the female came over and carefully laid the most eggs I have ever seen from a spawn before, then the male came over and wiggled over the eggs, swam away, came back wiggled some more, went away, came back and wiggled again. (sorry about the choice of language but that's the best way I can think of describing it) smile.gif

I wish I had of being able to record it to show you all, but the light was too poor, I also wish I got to see in more detail, but yeh you guessed it the light again sad.gif

Anyways after this I rushed down to the LFS and grabbed another light, by the time I got home, both mum and dad were guarding the eggs like you wouldn't believe and I was right about numbers - there are almost twice as many eggs as usual!!!

I just had to share my story, you've no idea how excited I was!!!

If they all hatch I will have to get another fry tank - my other 3 are full (sorry mum).


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Thanks Dave!

The breeding difficulties I know very well!!! Up until 3 months ago I had 3 successful pairs and was getting around 20 decent sized fry from each batch then suddenly, one of my pairs decided after a year of successful breeding and fry raising, that their kids were tasty - so I'm back to multiple grow out tanks and breeding nets.

Anyways they are by far my favourite fish to keep and usually they make great parents!!!

I'm soo... excited to see how this batch go - these parents haven't taken a liking to eating their kids yet (touch wood)

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