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Hypo Zebra

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OK everyone if by chance or luck you had some of those little beauties and you did breed these impossible to breed plecos what would you do?

1. Keep it quiet.

2. Tell the whole world?

3. Go around saying WHO'S THE MAN YEAH?

4. Stay modest even though you want to do number 3?

5. Give step by step details on how it was done ?

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Okay... Well in the ideal world where I have the money to own a pair of zebras...

If they bred, I would be happy to share so long as I was anonymous - I would be too scared of the hord with burning torches and pitch forks heading towards my house otherwise laugh.gif

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Thats not a dream for you Hypo, thats a fantasy LOL.gif

l guess the question is would the fact that they were local bred drop the price? huh.gif

Anyone that has that sort of fish/investment would like to see a good return?

But then again the F A M E could be worth it blink.gif , l am getting a head ache just thinking about it

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