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Synodontis Angelicus


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Hi All,

Can anybody help me with locating some Synodontis Angelicus in Sydney or other catfish from the Synodontis family?unsure.gif

I currently have; Synodontis Decorus, Multipunctatus, Nyassae and Petricola.

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Hey hey,

Get ready to up the anti on price if you want Angelicus - four years ago there were a few around and would set you back $150 - $400.

How do I know this zipit.gif



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Hey dude,

have four angelicus available in Melbourne approx 14cm.

Call me or sms me for the price on them if you are interested at all.


PS: I have 2 remaining Synodontis polli that I may be willing to part with seeing you like your Synodontis. blush.gif

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