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Butterfly Pleco (aka L52?)


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Hi fellow high rollers! LOL

I was looking at these babies today and I found them to be quite attractive (though the price wasn't tongue.gif )

I did some search on the internet but there isn't much info.

Anyone have this or know much about them please post here or PM me as your info will ultimately make me buy/ or not buy this babies smile.gif

Thanks in Advance.

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From my knowledge the butterfly pleco is actually L168 - but I may be very wrong.

These fish aren't on the import list but I know someone that has 4 of them.

Is this the fish you are talking about

user posted image

If it is... this is the info that I know:

Location: Brazil

Ph: 5.8-7.2

Very good at hiding - can change it's colouring to meet the requirements of it's surrondings.

Easy to feed - standard pleco diet.

I don't know of anyone that has bred them - my mate that has 4 has had some breeding signs but no fry as of yet!!!

If these arent the right fish then sorry for wasting your time

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your both right L52 and L168 are both dekeyseria sp. with the common name of butterfly pleco , hoges info is correct and applies to both , the only difference i can see is the pattern of the striping-gianniz how much were they

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Hi guys from closer inspection and looking at the markings is L168 smile.gif

the face marking is a dead giveaway

I paid fair bit for the trio. (its in the 4 digits!!!)

anyway if anyone know more info such as sexual maturity etc please advise

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From my knowledge they are a hard fish to sex, but I had a chat to my mate and here is what he said:

Male has a broader head, while the female is tubbier around the belly

The first ray of the pectoral fin is thicker on the male and there are some tiny spines visable both near this fin and also underneath the gill plate - these aren't visable on the females.

He recommended searching some sites and looking at 'pairs'

Apparently once you train your eye they aren't too hard to sex, he offered to have a look at them for you, if you can post some detailed piccies!!


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